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#2118 Rte 329, The Lodge, 858-3330 October/November 2014

Solstice drumming:  Sunday, December 21st, 12:30-3:30 p.m. “The sun stands still…” We celebrate the last of the darkest days and the coming of the light with drumming, dancing, meditation, and sharing stories. This is a wonderful time for introspection, and the drumbeat works its ancient magic into the marrow of our bones. All are welcome, no experience is necessary. Call Cathy if you have questions. Bring a potluck offering for a snack afterwards, and some wood for the stove.

New for Monday nights! 7-8:15 p.m. (shorter class time) and special programming!

January 5th: In our first class in the new year, we’ll enjoy gentle, flowing yoga and some restorative poses.
January 12th to 26th:  Three restorative sessions for boosting your immune system and detoxifying your body. You are invited to take time to nourish yourself with gentle yoga poses that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed: one hour of restorative yoga, and a 15 minute guided meditation. Most of the poses are practiced lying down, supported with blankets and bolsters. It may seem easy and relaxing, yet taking time to release long held patterns of clenching, contracting, and gripping - many of which we are completely unaware - can make us feel calm and peaceful, more grounded, and better prepared to meet our challenges with humour and humility. Meditation can be practiced in a chair, in "savasana" [lying down position], or sitting cross-legged on the floor. Please register by January 8th for three sessions: $25. For those of you who do not usually attend Monday evening classes, this is a wonderful opportunity to return to yoga, or try it for the first time with a focus on deep relaxation and gentle renewal.
Feb. 2nd to April 6th (no class Feb 16th or March 9th):
Yoga Flow. Stay refreshed throughout the winter months with eight weekly yoga classes that explore heart opening backbends, cleansing twists, transformative inversions, stabilizing balance poses, and calming forward bends using vinyasa – movement with breath. Learn how yoga poses can help you maintain equanimity, clarity, strength, flexibility, and “joie de vivre”. These are gentle classes for all levels, especially suitable for beginner and intermediate students. Please register by January 19th with Chester Recreation ( cost is $90. (For Cathy’s students who regularly attend classes on Monday evenings, this will be a departure from our usual sequencing, with slightly shorter sessions. You may contact me directly, and use your usual "chit" system (pre-purchased groups of eight or 15 classes).

Cathy’s regular Tuesday 7-8:30 p.m. and Thursday 10:30 a.m.-noon. classes are ongoing: Join us in our yoga practice at the welcoming Sail Loft Studio, surrounded by spectacular views of the ocean and sky. All levels and abilities are welcome to participate in the classes. If you are new to yoga, have issues that restrict your movements, or injuries that you are dealing with, feel free to call or write Cathy to talk about whether you would feel comfortable joining a class. Drop–ins are welcome ($10) or purchase eight sessions for $75. You may also pay by donation, if payment is an obstacle to attendance. [“Ashtanga” means “eight limbs”: all Cathy’s classes explore yoga practice using this “eight-limbed” approach. Using focus and intention, we learn how to be skillful and at ease in the poses, and more mindful in our movements, grounding, and breathing.]

Seasonal note: last class: Dec. 18th; classes resume on January 6th.

Saturdays: Even if you believe you cannot remember yoga poses without being told what to do, you will be amazed by how much you can do when you give yourself an opportunity to arrive on your mat in our warm beautiful space. You will love the energy of practicing with others in this quiet, beautiful setting. Please join us 10:30 a.m. to noon for open studio practice. There is no instruction, but a senior teacher is present in the studio to assist if necessary. Cost is by donation, or bring wood for the stove. (PS Even better: come early – 10 a.m. - for a half hour meditation practice.)

New! Sunday monthly workshop series: January 25th, 2-4:30 p.m. Being Blue with Yoga. The “blues” visit us more frequently in the dark days of winter in Nova Scotia. For some, it is an aversion to cold fresh air, to others, just a yearning for more sun. For many of us, it goes much deeper: long held patterns of “undigested” grief, or sudden loss that sends us reeling, losing our ground.  Being blue happens to all of us, and winter is a perfect time to develop a friendship with our blue selves. Better nutrition can help to lift our spirits, and so can yoga poses. Is your “blue” of a wasting, pining nature, or is it dark and stormy? Learn how to work with what’s bugging you, and how to groom your practice to bring about the successes you want in your life. Please register by Friday, Jan. 16th. Cost is $30 (includes a light snack).February session: Digestion (or what goes in must come out…), time to be announced.

Yoga for Everyone at the Fox Point Community Centre, Tuesdays, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Eight week session begins on January 13th and continues until March 3rd: $2 per session. Drop ins are welcome. Cathy teaches yoga poses with chair support, so everyone can participate. No experience is necessary. Bring a mat if you have one. Call or write Amy or Christina at the Fox Point Community Centre or Cathy if you have questions.

Yoga for individuals and groups, with Cathy Guest:  Please contact me to discuss ways to incorporate yoga and meditation practices in your daily life. I have experience and training in working with youth, families, individuals with a variety of health issues, yoga teacher training, general strength-building, and developing better fitness strategies.


A note about parking and bad weather cancelation: Our parking area is slightly bigger now with some recent construction around the property. If you have any concerns about driving down to the studio parking area, and/or potentially backing up (this happens rarely), feel free to park along the road. There are two parking spaces nearby along Rte 329, one just beyond the studio, across the street from our mailbox @#2118, and a little pull-in at the bottom of our driveway. If driving conditions are considered dangerous, I will cancel the class by email. You can call anytime if you have questions or concerns: 902 858-3330.

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