Amalfi Coast Multisport

Seven nights; eight days. Leisurely paced cycling, hiking and sea kayaking along Italy's Sorrentine Peninsula.

Please note that this tour itinerary is under revision and will differ from what is shown. Please ask us, or check back in early 2018 for its revised status.


Start: Salerno train station, 15:00, day one. Please contact us to arrange alternate plans, if necessary.

Finish: Salerno, 10:00, day eight.

Day 1


Meet at the Salerno train station and transfer directly to you beautiful hotel near the quiet village of Cava de’ Tirreni. This is a perfect base for exploring the captivating pleasures of the Italian dolce vita. In Cava de’ Tirreni you’ll discover the distinctive arched arcades of the Borgo Scacciaventi and experience what the atmosphere must have been like in the 15th century. D (Meal inclusions provided for guided trips only. Note: Self-guided trips include breakfast)
Villa Edda, Cava de’ Tirreni

Day 2

Pompeii ~4-6 h of easy walking

Start with a short transfer by local bus then train to the world’s most captivating Roman excavation at Pompeii. The devastating eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD trapped 25,000 inhabitants of Pompeii, many of whom left impressive examples of everyday life in the 1st Century. After your visit at Pompeii you’ll return to your charming hotel near Cava de Tirreni. BLD
Same lodging

Day 3

Cava de Tirreni to Praiano Cycling 29km

Start your day with a serene visit to the Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Trinity, to feel the atmosphere of a glorious past, visiting the true symbol of religious and cultural prestige of Cava de Tirreni. After a pleasant and peaceful guided visit of the Abbey’s treasures, you’ll bid farewell to Cava de Tirreni and start a lovely bike tour directly from the church square that will take you to astonishing viewpoints of the Amalfi Coast, with its tiny, pastel-hued, hillside villages overlooking the expansive Bay of Salerno. You will pass through the villages of the Divine Coast before arriving at Vietri sul Mare, a colourful town known for some of the region’s most beautiful hand painted ceramic art. The afternoon is reserved for biking along Italy’s most scenic stretch of coastline, passing the fishing village of Cetara and the smaller villages of Maiori and Minori, before reaching Praiano where you can enjoy a refreshing drink overlooking the sea from the terrace of your hotel. BL
Hotel Tramonto D’Oro, Praiano

Day 4

Praiano, Sorrento, Praiano Cycling ~50km

A hilly day of cycling, you will ride along the Amalfi Drive from Praiano to Sorrento. Today's bike ride provides outstanding views with several moderate climbs. Along the way you can take your time to enjoy the scenery experiencing the glamour and enchantment of the Sirens’ Land with sensational landscapes overlooking the bays of Salerno and Naples. The first section of the tour is an amazing ride along the cliff side, one of the most dramatic stretches of shore line with the sea hundreds of meters below. Take some time to feel like a tourist at Sorrento, a good place for an independent lunch, which also provides wonderful views the bay of Naples and Vesuvius before returning by bike to the much quieter and intimate setting of Praiano. BL
Same lodging

Day 5

Cycling ~10km followed by a full day of sea kayaking

Start with a short bike ride from Praiano to Amalfi, from where you will take to the water for a full day sea kayaking excursion. The coastal scenery is marked by cliffs, bays, creeks, caves and sculptures carved into the rock by the sea. Above you, the lush green terraces nestled connecting vertical cliffs and spectacular slopes. For those who do not wish to sea kayak, you may choose from self guided cycling and walking excursions to keep you pleasantly occupied. BLD
Hotel Marina Riviera, Amalfi

Day 6

The Valley of the Ancient Mills and Ravello 4-5 h walk

Today your walk with begin with an easy gradual ascent along the valley of the ancient mills that will lead you towards the celebrated village of Ravello. You will pass the vibrant streets of Amalfi before going into a green area and walking along a fresh flowing river, passing the ruins of several abandoned mills. The pathway climbs out of the valley and gently takes you through lemon groves and narrow alleys surrounded by dry stone walls, into the hilltop village of Pontone. Before reaching Ravello and if you have enough time available you will visit the ruins of Torre dello Ziro: an ancient lookout tower of the powerful Maritime Amalfi Republic. Stairs bring you to the well known Ravello, a town of rich and noble traditions, exemplified in the magnificent historical villas with theirs incomparable gardens. The afternoon is free to explore the town; we recommend visiting Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. You return to Amalfi following ancient stairways down to the admirable village of Atrani, a maze of narrow white washed alleys. BD

Same lodging

Day 7

The Path of the Gods 4-5 h walk

Today’s walk takes you along one of the most spectacular trails overlooking the Amalfi Coast, as well as one of the main highlights of this adventure. The walking begins in Bomerano, and offers terrific coastline landscapes looking out towards the famous Isle of Capri and the Sorrento Peninsula. Splendid views of the Divine Coast enhance the pathway to Nocelle, a tiny mountain village. From there, descend through lush terraces and olive groves to the vertically charming resort of Positano. There is time to explore the labyrinth of alleyways beneath scarlet bougainvillea and past elegant boutiques before returning to Amalfi by local bus or ferry. BLD
Same lodging

Day 8

Farewells and Transfer to Salerno

Your trip ends after breakfast with a group transfer to Salerno, from where we will assist you in catching trains to anywhere in Italy. B


Note about the route:

A leisurely paced bicycling, hiking and sea kayaking tour along the dramatic coast of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula.

Declared a UNECO World Heritage Site thanks to the unique and undisputed beauty of its landscape, Italy’s Amalfi coast plunges into the sea from great heights, where a fantastic series of terraces support a culture known for large lemons, thick paper, and passionate people. It is no surprise that visitors leave with strong emotions, pleasant memories, and a strong yearning to return. The charming, seductive landscape inspired the Sirens in Homer’s Odyssey, and is oft known as the “Green Gate of the Amalfi Coast”. The intense scent of lemons; the bright colours of bougainvillea; the celebrated flavours of Italian cooking – all enhance a seaside active holiday experience combining cycling, hiking and sea kayaking. We have hand-picked some of the best sections of the Amalfi Coast and mixed up the activities that allow you to enjoy the shoreline from several different and unsurpassed points of view. You will bike through historic coastal villages, hike among chestnut forests on breathtaking paths, and kayak along the spectacular rocky shore, stopping frequently to enjoy deliciously fresh and local Mediterranean cuisine. With plenty of intriguing activities the Amalfi Coast is a captivating active holiday destination.

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