South Iceland

There is so much to do throughout Iceland that it can be difficult to narrow down your options. You could easily spend months here exploring the rugged landscape and historical landmarks. We recently spent a week and have a few southern-Iceland-specific destinations we think would be worth a slight detour to check out!

There are (what feels like) endless amounts of waterfalls, historical buildings, and picturesque vistas but some destinations are a bit more heavily trafficked than others. Here’s a list of some quick sideroad destinations that will allow you to take some photos without having to exercise your photoshop skills to edit out fellow travellers doing the same thing.

Úlfljótsvatn church on lake Þingvallavatn

A green grassy field on the edge of the water, with some rocks and a white wildflower in the foreground, a white church with a red roof in the background.

Faxi Waterfall

A long waterfall with bright green grass in the foreground and the edge of a fish ladder on the left. Sky is a mix of dark and light clouds and just a small patch of blue above the waterfall.


A dark church with exposed beams and woven seats arranged in rows, looking towards the side where there are stained glass windows shining brightly.



The view of a waterfall as if peering through tall yellow grasses. The waterfall is in the middle of gently sloping green hills with a muted sun in the sky.


A clear blue sky with a turquoise river cutting a path through mossy rocks. There are a few wild grasses and flowers in the foreground and a couple streams of water run down the cliffs throughout the canyon.

So have fun and get your feet wet. If you need help planning your next trip to Iceland to see all the things you couldn’t fit in the first time around – give us a call!

Two boots on a black sand beach with bright wide surf barely touching the edge of the toes.