Freewheeling is hiring, to help with post-pandemic re-opening. Both guiding and office administration jobs are available. We are based in Nova Scotia, Canada, and we operate tours primarily in Canada and Europe. Most drivers and guides start work from the Nova Scotian headquarters, and must be able to work in Canada. Some guides also work in Europe. If you would like to work with us in our office, you need to be located within driving distance of Hubbards, Nova Scotia. Here are available jobs.

Customer Care and Administration

We are currently seeking help with office-based customer managers. As an ideal candidate, you will have good written and verbal communication, will be organized and detail-oriented, and will adapt well to Freewheeling's customer management software. You must be willing to live close to our HQ in Hubbards, Nova Scotia, and to work as part of a team in a small, family-run business setting. Please apply in writing:

Bike Tour Guides, Walking Guides, and Drivers

Trip leader, driver, and guide jobs are available every season for cycling and hiking trips in Canada and Europe. Successful applicants normally begin on a part-time basis, and sometimes advance quickly to full-time if that is desired. You can be a driver but not a guide, but if you are a guide, you will also be expected to drive.


  • Legally able to work in Canada and/or Europe
  • Good driving record and experience
  • 19 or older
  • Able to lift 20kgs
  • Current first aid certification
  • Compassion
  • High energy
  • Service mentality
  • Picnic preparation hygiene and panache


  • Driver’s license that allows you to carry passengers for hire (called class 4 in NS, Canada)
  • Bicycle fitting and maintenance skills
  • Good communication skills – talking and writing
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Able to live near our HQ or any of destinations.
  • Compassionate – you like to make others happy
  • Detail oriented, always prepared
  • Confident
  • Optimistic
  • Deep familiarity with any of our destinations. History, food, culture, etc.
  • Hard working. Good problem solver

If most of this sounds like you, please apply in writing.

Seasonal Sea Kayak Guides

Sea kayak guides are occasionally needed for trips in Nova Scotia and PEI. Candidates need Canadian citizenship, first aid training, a good driving record, and familiarity with navigation, safety, and the marine environment. Leadership traits, high energy, and a service mentality are required. It helps to be able to prepare attractive picnics and hot meals in sometimes adverse conditions. If you like being on call for this kind of work, and are close to our HQ in Nova Scotia, we want to meet you; please contact us.

Bicycle Mechanics

We need bicycle mechanics capable of building, maintaining, repairing, cleaning, organizing, and storing a fleet of bicycles through the spring, summer, and autumn season, mid-May to mid-September. Successful candidates will be good at keeping bikes in perfect condition, diagnosing repair issues quickly, maintaining good records, and keeping a tidy work space. Benefits include working in a sweet spot, with ocean swimming breaks on site.

Reservations, Administration, and Reception Staff

We currently have job openings for organized, detail-oriented individuals, with compassionate communication - both verbally and in writing, and a keen interest in healthy activity. You must be willing to live close to our HQ in Hubbards, Nova Scotia, and to work as part of a team in a small business setting.

Logistics Management & Trip Planning

We seek help with trip planning and coordinating. You should be good with mapping, writing, internet research, and travel. Schedule is flexible - busier in summer than winter. Location is near Hubbards, NS.

If you would like to work with us in any of these positions,
please apply in writing, by email, fax, or mail.
Email: adventure at freewheeling dot ca;
Fax: 902-857-3612;
Mail: 2118 Route 329, Hubbards, NS, B0J 1T0