If you have any questions that we have not answered,
just ask us and we will answer it for you.

We aim to develop guided groups between 4-12 people. Self-guided trips can be run for as few as 2 people and any number of guests can be accommodated for private groups.

On bike trips, we encourage you to cycle at your own pace. You can expect to see the support vehicle several times through the day, and can catch it to the picnic lunch or to the inn at the end of the day if you are moving slowly. Seakayaking groups stay together and travel at the speed of the slowest paddler, so we encourage you to pick the right trip based on your strength and experience. Walking trips involve a bit of both. In all cases, we suggest you challenge yourself but keep in mind that it's a holiday!

Ask us for something organized for next week and we will jump at the chance to create a fantastic time for you. However, with plenty of advance notice, preferably 1-3 months, the likelihood of securing the best lodging, equipment, and guides becomes greater. Bear in mind that the most popular trips sometimes do fill many months in advance. We want to provide the best of the best for your adventure, so please give us as much notice as you can.

We support guided bicycle trips with vehicles having the capacity to pick you up at any time, which allows everyone to participate at their comfort level. You will enjoy your holiday more if you prepare with several short rides (5-10km) in the weeks leading up to your holiday, and at least one longer ride (20-30km). This helps eliminate the soreness associated with riding, gets your body used to riding positions, and may show you what clothing makes you most comfortable. Paddling trips require more upper body stamina, and we recommend that you arrive with a minimum of four hours of paddling in the last two weeks, to ensure your comfort during a multi-day trip.

If you want a room alone there is a surcharge to cover the cost difference between single and double occupancy. If, however, you are willing to share a room with separate beds, you can avoid the single occupancy charge by booking well in advance. Please see the Terms & Conditions page for details.

We usually recommend the Nova Scotia: South Shore & Fundy Bike; the Prince Edward Island: Sideroads Bike; or the Quebec: Bas Saint Laurent adventures, because of the quiet roads, comparatively gentle terrain, and friendly inns. There are also some trips that follow abandoned railbeds, Prince Edward Island: Confederation Trail Bike, or canal pathways, France: Bordeaux to Carcassonne Bike - no traffic, easy terrain, and bicycle friendly. If you tell us more about yourself, we can recommend the best fit for you.

Black diamond adventures often attract more vigorous riders and hikers, and are designed to make you pleasantly tired after full days of activity. You are welcome to join for the sake of the location and scenery, but will have to accept boost rides in the support vehicle if you are not maintaining the pace required to complete the days distance. The hike on the Viking Bike & Hike is not van-supported, and one day demands eight hours of steady hiking, partly on steep slopes. The option exists to turn back at the base of the mountain. Other great challenges include the Alberta: Jasper to Banff Bike adventure in the Canadian Rockies. If you are looking at the possibility of Freewheeling's most challenging ride, you may be interested in checking out the Wales: Beacons to Mt. Snowdon Bike.

Because of van space concerns, we cannot provide transport for bike boxes, except by prior arrangement, usually at an extra cost. However, we can usually find ways for you to store your bike box at the start/finish point, and can sometimes arrange a taxi pickup at the airport when you arrive. You should arrive prepared to put your own bike together, and to re-pack your bike at the end of the tour. Our guides have many concerns to which they must devote their time, and are not free to help you with mechanical issues until all other needs have been met. If you are not comfortable putting your own bike together, we suggest considering the rental of one of our bikes. They are mechanically prepared ahead of time, and will remove the cost and hassle of transporting your own bike.

We strongly recommend that you obtain trip cancellation/interruption insurance as part of any travel plans. If you do not have it, or if your changes are not covered under the policy, you have three options:

(1) Cancel the tour at least 60 days ahead of time, and receive a refund of half your deposit.

(2) Change to another tour in the same calendar year. As long as we receive 60 days notice, you will pay a $100 change administration fee, and will immediately be confirmed on any other tour with availability.

(3) Join part of the tour, leaving early or arriving late. We will help you with making alternative or catch-up travel arrangements.

Our racing-style bikes are aluminum or carbon TREK models, or similar, with 30/42/52 triple chainrings and 12-25, 9-speed cassettes. We sometimes use compact cranksets instead of triples. If you have a strong preference, please ask.

If you are using one of our rental bikes, you can expect a well-maintained bike in good condition, and our attention to make sure it stays so. Your bike rental will have a back rack with a trunk bag. Within the trunk bag you will find a mini pump, spare tube, puncture repair kit, map covers and a bike lock. If you are renting a bike on a self-guided trip you will be expected to have the knowledge to make routine bike repairs, including repairing flat tires, fixing chain derailments, and tightening loosened bolts, as your driver may not be available to do this throughout the riding day.