If you need to rent bicycles or sea-kayaks in Halifax or elsewhere in Nova Scotia, you are in the right place. We rent excellent, impeccably maintained TREK bikes, Royalex canoes, and Necky kayaks. You can pick up at our HQ on Nova Scotia's South Shore, or we can deliver them to you in Halifax. Delivery is available either free or for a nominal fee, anywhere in Nova Scotia. The bikes are new or nearly new, high-end hybrid and road bikes. We also rent tandems, electric bikes (e-bikes), and carbon fiber road bikes.

“...the best bike I've ever rented, so thank you!”– Jan B
"I have been impressed with the quality of your hybrids in both my FW trips." - Maurice P.

Rentals may be picked up at Freewheeling HQ by appointment; 8am to 6pm weekdays, and 9am to noon weekends. Delivery is available at the following rates:

$1/km from Freewheeling HQ as measured by Google maps. 9-6pm. Early mornings, evenings, and holidays add 50%. Waived for rentals totalling over $500 within 100km, 9am to 6pm only.

Free delivery available within 15km.

Late charge: $10 per quarter hour when delivery staff is kept waiting.

Sales tax (15% in NS) applies.

Hybrid-Fitness Bikes

The cycling position is comfortable and semi-upright. These are the rental bikes we recommend and supply for most riders. We use Trek 7.4fx/7.5fx/FX3 or equivalent, and all sizes, including children's, are available. They come equipped with water bottle, odometer, rear rack, trunk bag, high visibility vest, lock, pump, patch kit, and spare inner tube. Rental cost is $30/day; $145/week.

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Aluminum or Carbon Racing-style Bikes

Racing-style bicycles, with drop handlebars and brake lever shifters, these agile bikes have narrow tires, and are a delight for those who like riding a light, fast bike. Most of our fleet is comprised of Trek Madone, Domane, or Emonda road bikes with full Shimano 105 gruppo, including shifters and derailleurs, and triple or compact cranks. A few have Tiagra or Ultegra components. Note that aluminum racing bikes will have a rear rack and trunk bag, while carbon racing bikes have a saddle bag. Both bags hold a high visibility vest, pump, lock, patch kit, and spare inner tube. Two water bottle cages can be supplied on request. Please reserve these bikes early; they are in high demand and our stock is limited. Rental cost is $55/day; $265/week. Full carbon frame bikes are also available for $75/day; $395/week.

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Electric Assist Bikes

E-bikes - electric pedal-assist, high capacity, with a range of about 130km between battery swaps - are now available on most of our tours. If you do not see them advertised on your tour of choice, please ask. We are currently working on making e-bikes available across the board. In Canada these are long-range, high performance Trek bikes with Bion-X 500 or Shimano STEP motors. Rental cost is $75/day; $395/ week.

“I opted for the electric bike and was overjoyed - it was a lot of fun!" - Audrey R.

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Tandem bikes

One Trek T-1000 tandem bicycle rental is available in Atlantic Canada only. Please ask about its suitability on your preferred adventure. Tandem bikes can sometimes be shipped to or provided in other locations; please ask if interested. Rental cost is $60/day; $295/week.

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Trailers and Trailer Bikes

Child Trailers: We use really cool Burley D'Lite bicycle trailers, with a total weight of 17 lbs, and a towing capacity of 100lbs. They are suitable for one or two children, and have storage pockets, rain covers, and sunscreens. Please reserve well in advance. Rental cost is $25/day; $15 if associated with adult rentals.

Trailer Bikes: Attach one to the back of any adult's bike to turn it into a tandem suitable for children up to 4’10” tall. They can assist you by pedalling, or can simply freewheel as you do all the work. They have no directional or braking control. Rental cost is $22/day; $15 if associated with adult rentals.

Cargo trailers are also available: $50/week.

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