Freewheeling was conceived in 1987, and the adventure has now grown from ten new bicycles in a garage to a wonderfully-staffed office and well-maintained bike fleets, and from six adventures in Eastern Canada to more than 90 tours around the world. Today, your experience is enhanced both by all we have learned in 30 years, and by the technology we can use to plan all the details of your active holiday. Your joy is our joy; and that is our purpose. We acknowledge that we are different from other tour planning companies.

We are based in rural Nova Scotia, and we choose to stay small. We do not “do” travel shows; we do not succumb to the financial temptation to put 16 or 30 people on a small group trip; and we work together in an atmosphere of fun and team spirit. There are only six of us year-round, working in a small office in a beautiful setting. We are friends and family; we care about the experience with which you have entrusted us; and when you join us for a week of active exploring, we encourage you to find your inner child as you drop the concerns of the workaday world. Laughter and sharing are our intentions and rewards. Please join us as soon as you have a chance. We will show you good food, quiet routes, comfy sleeps, unobtrusive service, and genuine care. The trips proposed herein are blank canvases of organization upon which, with the help of our guides, partners, and friends, you can paint rich tapestries of colourful experience. As a partnership between your exploratory desires and our experience and capabilities, your holiday can unfold in the true spirit of adventure.

Thank you for reading. The adventure has already begun!

Why Travel with Freewheeling?

Small groups.

Guided group size rarely exceeds 12, and guide to guest ratio is usually 1:6 or better, so that we can use small inns, while you get unparalleled service, more personality, more flexibility, and more fun!

Quality & Excellence.

Choose us because of our experience and integrity; because our destinations and routes are profoundly beautiful; because our equipment is excellent; and because of our commitment to superlative knowledge and care. We also like to serve you healthy picnics with hand-ground, freshly-roasted coffee.

All Abilities.

Travel your own distance at your own pace. You do not need to be super-fit. On guided trips, your support vehicle is available to help you make the most of each day's route. On self-guided trips, you can plan to arrange daily pickups or transfers to adjust the route.

Guaranteed Departures.

We do not cancel trips once we accept your reservation, so you can make plans with confidence. See the details on our terms and conditions page.

The Freewheeling Adventures Ethos

We orchestrate enthusiastic people, fascinating destinations, quality equipment, nutritious cuisine, and luxurious rest, to create extraordinary active holidays for small groups and individuals. We treat our guests, our partners, our environment, the communities we visit, and each other with respect. We promote active travel to enrich experience and maintain good health. On top of it all, we seek spontaneity, serendipity, and fun.

We look forward to showing you the secrets we have discovered, introducing you to some of the colourful personalities we have met, and giving you outstanding active travel value as we explore beautiful and special parts of our diverse world.