Ireland: Antrim Glens & Coast Walk

Six nights; seven days with Ireland’s most famous storyteller – Willie Drennan of the Ulster Folk Orchestra. Easy walking with lots of cultural insight.

Ireland: Connemara Bike Tour

Seven nights; seven days by bicycle on the gently rolling paved roads of Connemara.

Ireland: Donegal Bike Tour

Six nights; six days of bicycle touring on the paved roads of Donegal's coast, through Glenveagh National Park, and on the Donegal Cycleway.

Ireland: Donegal Hike

Six nights; five days of moderate hiking on Donegal's coastal paths including Glenveagh National Park and the majestic cliffs of the Slieve League.

Ireland: Kerry & Dingle Bike Tour

Seven days; six nights. Hilly cycling on paved roads around the Dingle Peninsula, through the Gap of Dunloe, and on Ring of Kerry sideroads, with a boat trip to the monastery on Skellig Michael.