We are a small home-based family business. Founded in 1987 by Cathy and Philip, with a garage and a dozen bikes, it now employs a dozen of our close friends and family, year round, and a wonderful cadre of well-informed, kind guides in season. Our rural, seaside setting and friendly atmosphere help make it a pleasure to strive for excellence as we plan and equip your holidays.

Our caring guides make our adventures truly extraordinary. They possess not only the skills necessary to coordinate the many details of each trip, but, above all else, a genuine desire to care for your comfort and enjoyment. On most guided adventures, you can expect a team of one local guide and one who has travelled from our main office, with a minimum ratio of one guide to six guests. On self-guided trips, one of our guides or drivers will be close at hand to meet your needs exclusively.



“You guys are a special tour company!" - Matthew L.

Adrian is a native of St. John’s, Newfoundland, and loves to show visitors the ragged beauty of the island’s coast (even when fog makes it hard to actually see it). He feels lucky to live in such a beautiful place and is passionate about nature and the outdoors. Adrian is also a singer/songwriter, Pilates instructor, and avid reader.

Alana assists with reservations management and draws upon her background in literature and journalism to craft Freewheeling's tour materials. A voracious reader, Alana is also a baking enthusiast, forest wanderer, and blanket fort builder. She lives with her partner and daughters on Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

Ali has spent the past year cycling, hiking, climbing and road tripping across North America! She has a passion for meeting new people and spending time with them outdoors. As an ornithologist, Ali enjoys peacefully walking down trails and observing nature, but as a moderate adrenaline junkie, she also thrives on adventure. She loves that both are often incorporated in Freewheeling tours!

Brian was born in Biggar, Saskatchewan but raised everywhere. He now calls Cape Breton home after over four decades of living elsewhere. Brian is an author and storyteller who loves nothing more than hearing or telling a good yarn. His passions range from long distance cycling across the globe to spending time with his family and friends down on the farm.

David’s many years of experience with Freewheeling Adventures in bike mechanics, guiding, sales, and as Philip’s right hand man have earned him the difficult task of managing the logistics for all tours, including destination choices, route paths, guides, and overall “continental” savoir faire. He is enchanted with the culture, history, and cuisine of South Israel which makes this tour his personal favourite. He hopes to one day cycle through the British Isles with his children. When not in the office, you’ll find David out on family adventures or playing bike polo, a viciously competitive sport heartily enjoyed by some of the Freewheeling Team.

Eeva resides in Finland and is fluent in English, Finnish, Swedish and Spanish. She feels most at home in the high mountains and the Arctic regions. She has guided outdoor adventures in different parts of the world and is now enjoying guiding tours with Freewheeling; mostly in Scandinavia. She loves to be outdoors (cycling, trekking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding), practicing/teaching yoga and doing it all with many smiles and laughter.

Originally hailing from Canada's capital, yet now a born-again Scotian, Evan grew up biking, hiking, skiing, and climbing whenever and wherever he could. Evan is ready to take on any adventure at hand while at the same time looking for the next great spot to brew a perfect cup of coffee! Evan was able to lead tours all over Eastern Canada and Southern Iceland last summer, and is beyond excited to start the tour season up again!

Geoff offers sea kayak trips when not pursuing his other passion: award-winning drumming, both in his own band and with other famous Nova Scotian musicians. The calm waters, seal spottings, and endless picnic spots off Lunenburg make it one of his favourite haunts. His easy-going nature is balanced with care for details and delicious wilderness cuisine, which sometimes includes dark chocolate dipped in red wine. And no, he doesn't feel guilty!

Harrison is usually found sporting a gentle smile and a tweed cap (or a helmet!). He is an avid runner, photographer, and ever-pleasant guide. A teacher by training, he is always eager to enrich the tours he guides with valuable local knowledge and humble humour. Although he finds himself at peace in any outdoor setting, he discovered a special connection to South Iceland last year and can’t wait to go back.

Hevgad lives on Kibbutz Sde Boker, where Ben Gurion lived, and has been a dedicated guide with Freewheeling since our start in Israel in 1996. He delivers exceptional guiding with unparalleled depth of local knowledge. Hevgad also guides the beautiful, and challenging, Crete Bike tour.

Hugh loves self-contained bicycle touring, making a perfect cup of espresso, and exploring old abandoned houses. Hugh is a bicycle mechanic and wheel builder, who loves working as part of a professional, uplifting team. Away from Freewheeling he may be found ultra-marathon cycling with the local Randonneurs club, or working as a lumberjack in the winter.

Jackson lived in Hong Kong until age 15, when he moved to his family's native Newfoundland. Experiencing a shift in culture of this magnitude is something he's very grateful for, it also led him to continue travelling around the globe, and it's why he's excited you'll get to experience new places together. He enjoys outdoor activities of almost any kind, and he can't wait to get moving with you along the road or trail, and also, to relax and reflect along the water.

Jacques, a.k.a. Captain Jack is not only an avid cyclist he is a passionate guide and host. Hailing from the picturesque Eastern Townships in Quebec, he has steered several of our Canadian tours as well as in Europe and Costa Rica . He takes great pleasure in making your cycling experience extraordinary. Your freewheeling adventure is sure to be seamless and memorable with Jacques at the helm.

Karl is the founder of Saga Akademia, a language school in Iceland. He earned his master's degree in Icelandic language and literature from the University of Iceland and has been teaching Icelandic since 1998. He has a teacher's program exam from Boston University and was a teacher in modern Icelandic language at University of Maryland for several years. Karl is a freelance writer and author of two historical documentary films. He has been a certified guide in Iceland and Greenland for many years.

Katheryn grew up in Montreal, QC and is fluent in English, French and German. She studied nutrition at university and then went on a cycling trip across Canada before starting her career - little did she know that would change her path as she's been working as a guide ever since! She currently leads trips for Freewheeling in Quebec, the Maritimes, France and Scandinavia.

Founders and directors, Cathy & Philip. Cathy looks after the yoga, and is responsible for many other facets of the company, including those delicious fresh air picnics. Philip sets the wheels in motion, and will be the captain of your sailing support boat on Islands Sea kayak camping trips in Nova Scotia.

Luke insists a bike saddle lends itself to the best chats about the beautiful locations visited on a Freewheeling Adventure. He loves meeting and guiding folks who appreciate the richness of the Earth around them, and will discuss geology, history…anything that ends with 'y'. For Luke, nothing beats the bakeries and cheeses of Quebec or the seafood of Prince Edward Island. He relishes good local flavour with keen adventurers to share it with.

Originally from Cape Breton Island, Miranda lends her business administrative skills to the Freewheeling office, a short ride from the ocean-side home that she shares with her partner and three boys. A yoga enthusiast, Miranda studies herbalism and can be found concocting tinctures and potions of all sorts, or practicing the fiddle, reading, and hiking in the woods.

Martin was born and raised in The Netherlands. His education includes Nature & Landscape Technology. He shares this knowledge while travelling with groups all over the world, and in his beautiful home country. Martin is a gentle guy, who values freedom and enjoys the ability to express his own opinion (sometimes a little stubborn) while listening to others.

Mike's heart is in BC's Sunshine Coast, where he studied recreation and tourism (and honed his mountain biking amplitude). A computer whiz, Mike spreads his laid-back vibe around the Freewheeling office when he's not guiding his favourite tour, the flat and sunny beaches of PEI Sideroads. In his spare time, Mike can most often be found moving bodies. Yes, really. Especially his own.

Pierre has travelled to 24 different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and both Americas and enjoys the different cultures through their food, music, literature and history. An avid reader, amateur triathlete, ultra runner and an open minded spirit, he cannot wait to meet new people next summer!

Pascal started cycle touring with a solo trip to the Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland, and got hooked. He has cycled in Spain, France, Switzerland, and for a different experience, Cuba. He enjoys traveling and exploring - next stop Colombia and Guatemala. Home is Nova Scotia and he enjoys showing others the beautiful corners of his province, as well as taking them on adventures elsewhere. In his free time, he also enjoys cooking (and eating) new foods and playing the cello. One day, he’d love to cycle all the way from Canada to Argentina.

Taking a hike with Seamus in his homeland of Ireland one feels like they have just stepped onto the magical trails of Irish folklore, history, and archeology with a few yarns thrown in for good measure. Enjoy the coastal cliffs, old railway trails, and the abundance of flora and fauna in the National Parks of Donegal.

Sidney has dabbled in a bit of everything. She’s been: a butcher, a barista, a hat seller, a horseback rider, a tree-planter, and more. Most recently, however, she’s been a bicycle tour guide for Freewheeling. Sidney loves that guiding gets her on the road and on adventures. She was bitten by the travel bug years ago, has lived in Ireland, and spent time in England, France, and Switzerland. Next on her list are northern Italy and Spain. She can’t wait to introduce you to her favourite places.

Simon, for many years, worked for the renowned company Cirque du Soleil before swapping the view from his desk for a much larger office: the great outdoors. His career as an adventure guide has taken him all over North America, leading kayaking and hiking excursions across the region. When not touring through the Rocky Mountains in the summer, or navigating his way through his native Quebec in the winter, you’ll likely find him eating large amounts of food (by far one of the greatest advantages of working outdoors!) A passion for sharing his North American roots, Simon’s energy is contagious, able to transform any trip into an unforgettable adventure.

Stephanie's heart lays in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec which explains her French accent! Avid skier, author, foodie, occasional blogger and travel enthusiast. Calm and quiet, she loves sharing her passion for cycling/hiking with her guests. When not guiding, Stephanie enjoys adventure and is always looking for a new challenge, like climbing mountains on her fully loaded bike in remote countries! She has the travel bug and next destinations are Central Asia and Scandinavia.

An outdoor educator and artist, Steve is most often outside whittling sticks, looking at birds, hiking, paddling, cycling, writing, or just walking around. He is always keen to share his passion for nature, art, and history with others. Steve loves hosting picnics, especially when there is a great view (which is never hard to find on a Freewheeling trip).

Taran grew up with Freewheeling Adventures…or is it Freewheeling Adventures grew up with Taran? Either way, it has been a part of his entire life. Through the years he has worked from cleaning vans to bike mechanics to tour guide and is now in the office coordinating tours and helping to keep the wheels spinning. Taran also works as a musician/producer/audio engineer in Halifax since returning home from life in the Rocky Mountains as a Level 3 Snowboarding Instructor. His drive for versatility rounds out his passion for enjoying life, and he is excited to share the secrets he's discovered along the way with fellow adventurers.

Tristan's favourite things include; sweets, canoeing, winter, pickles, and riding bikes. He's cycled across three continents (Canada, South America, Australia + New Zealand). A bicycle mechanic and engineer by trade, he has also worked in conservation and renewable energy. He knows that the joy of discovering a new place goes beyond the geography, and includes the people, the food, the language, the music, the ecology and much more.

Tyler H. joined the Freewheeling team to share his love of cuisine, care, and travel. He is a nutritionist who has elevated the standard of picnic presentation among the guides.

Originally from England and having spent the best part of his twenties exploring the world, Will now calls Montreal home and guides across Canada. An avid cyclist, Will is at his happiest when on the road guiding adventurous Freewheelers! When not working, Will is completing an MSc in Sustainable Mountain Development, and enjoys cooking, mountaineering and speaking French.

Wilma assists in reservations and sales at Freewheeling Headquarters where her motto stands, “No problem is too big and no detail is too small!” An avid “foodie” who loves to cook and a self acclaimed wine drinker with a hiking habit, she has hiked along European coastlines, Southern Iceland, Guatemala, throughout Canada, the South Western USA and almost every trail in Nova Scotia.