Japan's art, history, and culture help set the stage for partcularly interesting active holidays. It has some of the finest cycling highways in the world; there are wild forests, gorgeous coastlines, fascinating temples, and vibrant cities along these routes. The roads are well-paved and adjusted to cycling; the landscape is lush; the food is fresh and unique; the people are fascinating; and the spirit of adventure is high! Join us and make some beautiful eastern friends.

Mongolia, on the high plains between China and Russia, has a unique cultural background. The area we explore is sparsely populated, largely by nomads who ride - horses more frequently than bikes, but their landscape is well-suited to either, as long as you are not expecting paved roads. We use fat-tire bikes to explore an area so open and beautiful that, even in this sparsely-populated area, it has been preserved as the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. There is a UNESCO world heritage site in a river valley, a background of Mongolia's highest peaks, deep lush valleys, and large pristine lakes, but it's the people that make it truly fascinating. Nomadic, eagle-hunting (that's hunting WITH eagles), and warmly hospitable, they live in colourfully-decorated gers in ways that have not changed much for eons. Join us, and enjoy a cultural fair that will put you in very close contact with a fascinating population.

Japan: Hiroshima & Islands of the Seto Sea Bike Tour

Nine nights; nine days. Often referred to as road bikers' heaven, this route follows the Shimanami Kaido Bikeway from Onomichi, across the Seto islands to the beautiful Shikoku - the smallest and least populated of Japan's major islands.

Japan: Noto Peninsula Bike Tour

Eight nights; eight days of relaxed cycling, hiking and cultural experiences. Dramatic coasts and friendly mountains complemented with historically significant sites.

Mongolia: Western Bike

Thirteen nights; ten days of exploration of Tavan Bogd National Park by fatbike, off-road vehicle, and foot. Visit archaeological sites, beautifully raw landscapes, and traditional nomadic camps.