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Mexico & Costa Rica Adventures

Cycle tours in Mexico's Yucatan are easy, flat bicycle rides between excellent freshwater swimming holes, exquisite dining experiences, white sand beaches, and vibrant village centers. Add Mayan ruins, tropical comfort, and good roads that keep you well away from the riviera mayhem, and you have an unforgettable cycling holiday. Costa Rica cycling has some similarities, but is much more challenging, with rough roads, wilder beaches, and more wildlife. To take full advantage of the natural wonder, we offer a challenging and an easier itinerary, for you to choose based on your desired activity level. In both cases, these are excellent warm weather bike tours.

Costa Rica: Challenging Bike Tour

Seven nights; six days of challenging cycling from the Monteverde Cloud Forest to the beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula.

Costa Rica: Relaxed Bike Tour

Seven nights; seven days. A challenging bike ride with relaxing days off between rides to enjoy the nature of your stops.

Mexico: Yucatan Multisport

Seven nights; seven days of cycling on flat paved and unpaved roads. Walks through ruins and Mayan archaeological sites with guides.