Freewheeling multisport trips usually include cycling as one of the main modes of transport. Some include a balance of cycling, sea kayaking, and hiking. The activities always contribute to a thoroughly active experience, based on the best the area has to offer. The plan is often flexible (thanks to our small groups and high service level), so that if you prefer more time on your bike, or more time with other activities - hiking, kayaking, rafting, whale-watching, or relaxing - it is easy to adapt to your wishes.

Canada, Nova Scotia: Family Multisport

Seven nights; eight days of easy mixed activities including sea kayaking, road and off-road cycling, hiking, sailing, swimming, canoeing, and inner-tubing.

Canada, Nova Scotia: Cape Breton Island Multisport

Five nights; five days of adventure by kayak, bicycle and on foot around Cape Breton Island.

Canada, Prince Edward Island: Family Multisport

Five nights, and five days of cycling, with sea kayaking, walking, boat trips, swimming, and daily options for non-cycling guests.

Canada, Québec: Magdalen Islands Multisport

Six nights; seven days of adventure by bike, sea kayak and on foot, with an introduction to kite-buggying and many optional activities.